Aerox spluttering on 19mm pig carb opening air filter

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Aerox spluttering on 19mm pig carb opening air filter

Postby Aerox60 » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:05 pm

Fort I'd join this forum as I'm having big problems with my Aerox air cooled
Ok here is what's happen.
it has mhr cranshaft and bearings ... dopller sx86/clutch mhr 13/44 gears , yasuni c21 , custom intake and polini reeds ...

How ever when I first had the bike it was spluttering always from take off bad
I down graded main jet to 80
It had burn a hole centre of piston not good
The guy came from Belgium to uk so at the time it was his fault so he purchased me
A stage 6 street race I wasn't happy with the spluttering
How ever I'm now running at
Same set up only different piston.
Before you say the pipe is not going to work it does just means raving it tits off when at lights not problem
My concern is the bike was losing fuel on the clear bowl
So I replace that and gasket
Also ht lead to a double powered one
Carb was set 2 and half turns out
Bike rid for 3 weeks fine
I was amazed at the speed 6omph
But now the dreaded spluttering is back
Half of throttle sometimes at take off
If I'm going down hill she flys but on the straight I noticed she slows down to 50 and slowly to 4o then splutter I pull over rev rev up to 50 mph then it's all over the shop spluttering
My plug is biscuit colour
I'm thinking my float bowl isn't set right ursine thing she was riding brilliant 3 weeks in the cold and in the warm
But now I'm back to where I was at the start
Just so you guys know my Aerox engine is fitted to TR50 Suzuki street magic
Please maybe some one can help me thanks

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