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Postby calum1003 » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:25 pm

I have am 16 years old and I passed my UK CBT in December 2015. Since then I was unable to ride my bike until around mid February time due to my bike having a few problems. I paid £450 for the bike and it seemed to be in a very good condition. The engine started first time and it seemed to be a very good bike. It had clearly been looked after since the tyres on it were top of the range Continental and also, there was lots of new parts added to it such as brake pads, carbs etc.
Anyway, back to the bike problem. I have recently taken my bike to a bike work shop where they told me that they could fix my problem. They told me that the problem with the bike was the CDI unit was broken and also the battery was flat. Both of those things were replaced along with the spark plug. When I got the bike back I thought that it was fixed and that there were no more problems with it. I was quite happy at the time and since I hadn't really been out on my bike properly yet I went out on it only for it to conk out 30 minutes later. It was back firing and didn't want to rev at all. When it did finally decide to rev it would rev then die down, rev then die down (It was raining at the time)
The next day I decided to take it to another bike work shop where they told me that the air filters were no good and that they needed to be replaced with an air box. The bike was off the road for 1 week while the air box was fitted. They also told me that the battery had gone flat and that they had charged it back up again for me.
A few days passed and the bike decided to stop working again, the engine would run and then bog down, rev then bog down.
At this point I decided to try and fix the problem myself. I had a little play around with the ignition barrel and took it all apart. While I did this I charged up the battery again and as I was looking at the cables I found that lots of them had been cut and modified. The next day I had a look at the fuel tap on the bike and it seemed to be working fine. I removed it from the tank and it looked like it was brand new, there was no dirt or nothing in the filter so I decided to put the bike back together and give it a try. It started first time and run perfectly fine again until the battery had gone flat and the bike started to bog down again.
At this point I had spent £100 and I was getting quite fed up of all of the problems I was having with it so I decided to take it to the bike shop again where they suggested it might be the stator plate. We bought a new stator plate and gave the bike a go. It seemed to run fine although the battery was only charging at around 12.7V. After we bought a new stator plate the bike seemed to run fine without bogging down, all that would happen now is the battery would go flat. Since I took it to the garage last I have just been charging the battery up.
On the weekend that has just gone I decided to have a look at the regulator/rectifier. I tested that it was working correctly by disconnecting the battery and starting the bike up... The bike started first time and run fine.
I decided to buy a new regulator just incase the old one was a little old and not working correctly. It arrived today and I just fitted it and now the battery doesn't seem to be charging at all. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? I have now spent a good £200 trying to get the pile of... On the road and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.
(The bike runs fine when the battery is flat although the indicators and head lights, starer button and also the horn don't work. When I try and use them the main computer will turn it's self off and then reboot it's self)
Please help!
Thank you smile emoticon
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Postby andyscooter » Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:49 am

have you got a multi meter

what is the battery voltage when charged off the bike (also what are you charging with, a car charger will fry the battery)

what voltage is the battery reading when starting the bike

also what voltage is the battery reading when revved

personally I think it may have something to do with the chopped wiring or the carb(any idea why it was replaced )

its now possible that the jets are wrong in the carb as it was set up for a different air filter


a muti meter will cost about a tenner and would of saved you at least a hundred quid so far
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