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Postby fantic motor » Sat May 21, 2016 1:13 pm

Hi I have been into this mag a while and no that the testers give honest opinions on the Chinese built bikes even though it maybe the mags bread and butter due to ads by these companies.
Now as many bikes are made in china 4 and two stroke copies of other old companies and heard they are getting better in quality control we do know that wk and cpi Chinese 50cc geared peds I heard quality control on the parts used was a big problem and that the company took no notice from uk dealers importers of using dodgy parts that one dealer said to me he many replacement parts for cpi that were all crap its a shame as the bikes looked good.
Now a problem we know is that france,italy, that you will see in my other posts on the new fantics use expensive good quality parts from beta and so does sherco and that's why its very hard for these companies to to compete.
If you go to you tube many teens from 14 yrs old can ride these geared bikes and im not sure how they can afford to as in uk you do not see many of these bikes anymore it could be cost or road safety as many parents I have heard say they will not help fund or want there children to ride mopeds I was really lucky my parents let me start on a 50cc geared ped which was great fun.
I wonder also with asbos issued by police and there right to take away any motorcycle off the road even if its all legal that's another problem many years ago I was only 16 and one of my school friends got on the back of my bike with no helmet which was silly I know and I was taken to the local court and fined now I wonder would I have got an asbo for this and had the bike taken away as we all rode around town causing a bit of noise, and like most teens that was fun to us.
Sorry to go off theme but I thought it would be interesting my mate had a fantic chopper 50cc two stroke circa 1972 six speed minnerelli and he at the time was always in them days being stopped by the bill they wanted us off the road I was told by one.
The police bikers were alright only the panda cars if they had an excuse to stop us they did on the other hand when I moved up to a 250cc bike an rd250 Yamaha I was stopped for doing 40mph in a 30 limit and he asked me where I was going I said back to work after dinner and he let me off he said if I have to stop you again I will pros you he was a nice guy.

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