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testing times

Postby too old to rock » Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:04 pm

Following on from last weeks fun and games with the front brake, this morning I took the silver wing for its annual test, thinking new front pads, new rear tyre and rear pas still serviceable, be a walk in the park. How wrong I was, came away with afail list longer than any I've had over 10 years on my 30+ gold wing!

Front brake switch not working, never noticed and forgot it was there, plus bloody difficult to check if it works. Parking brake sticking on, not a fail in itself as parking brake is not mandatory, but caused a fail as rear brake appeared to be sticking. Excessive travel on both brake levers, this following having to heat up front caliper to remove pad pin. Had already bled front and rear levers to flush out boiled fluid, turns out not enough.

Tester suggested, remove parking brake caliper and tie up cable till i can strip it and rebuild. Followed instructions, more of that later. Had similar problems at back caliper as front, at front the pin is covered by a rubber plug and at the rear its an ally screw in plug. Guess what it's seized ! Managed to heat it up and tap it round to get it moving, pad pin then came out smoothly. Cleaned everything upand fitted new pads with shims and plastic packing piece. went to mount the caliper and it will not go over the disc, the new pad material is too thick. Ended up leaving the shim and packing piece out, will put it back in, in a week or two.

Re-bled the brakes, over a litre of fluid and got something like a lever on the fron but still cant get a good rear lever. Any suggestions ?

Using a specific bike bleeding kit with a non return valve, no air coming out.

Now the parking brake, once again pad pins seized in, this time two of them. Tried using electric impact gun, nothing budged, one of the bolts starting to round. Heated them both up and one came out using the electric gun, the other would still not budge. Ended up cutting a slot and heating it up again then chasing the slot, finally it started to move. Guess the pads must have been stuck on the pinds and that was what was causing the binding rear.

Tip for any uk riders , take the caliper off and remove clean and grease the pins. That way your annual test will have one less thing to fail on.

Guess what must have happened is that this caliper had never been removed since being built. Normally my spanners would have been laid on this many times in 12 months but was so worried about bolts breaking like on yamahas in the past.

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