CPI gone walkies ?

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CPI gone walkies ?

Postby RoadieRoger » Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:11 am

I was chatting to a small Scooter Dealer yesterday who sells Baotian and CPI machines . The CPI Bravo 50 in black and the CPI Motorcycle SUV 125 looked very nicely finished and well engineered . He said that of all the Chinese machines he`s had over the years , these Manufacturers were the best and so are their Importers . When I returned home I googled wearemoto the CPI Importers and found that they no longer mentioned CPI on their website .I looked at their Adverts in the last two T&G Issues and only Nipponia and KSR are advertised by Moore Large ( wearemoto ) . More examination of the` Which Bike` section at the back of the Magazine reveals that all reference to CPI has been removed .
Anyone know what`s happening to CPI ? Are they being taken over by another Importer ? The Moore Large site says ` watch this space `we are adding another range . Could it be Hanway or Aeon ? These are popular on the Continent . Hanway have a couple of nice big wheeled budget Scooters including a 200cc and of course manufacture the forthcoming Scomadi 50 , 125 and 300`s .

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